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With more medical advantages, a variable bed finds more characteristics in a hospital or a caring for home. It provides relief to the people who are bed-ridden as well as those who have to stay in bed to get long hours and can be adjusted both manually or electrically. There are numerous health benefits from adjustable mattresses. Adjustable beds ease bloating of the legs and ease back pain. They relieve pain of the body and relieve neck and shoulder tension. They also offset acid reflux and overnight heartburn. They provide comfort for certain parts of the body such as the throat, spine and knees. Changeable beds are especially useful for individuals who have degenerative spondylolisthesis, osteoarthritis, spine stenosis and other diseases. Fortunately they are ideal for people who have just possessed surgery. Adjustable beds likewise help in getting in and to get up; relieving the heart lean muscle, thus making breathing easier; reliving the stomach muscles and aiding in proper digestion; passive back stretching, plus more. Some adjustable beds also provide built-in massaging motors with automatic and manual ways. Medical adjustable beds may also designed to suit the exact requirements of the user. They can be designed to suit the condition of the patient as well as exact position the body needs to rest on the bed. The bed can also be fitted with a massage system and various other choices. Medical adjustable beds are available in twin, queen, king or perhaps single sizes and the solidity can also be adjusted as per requirements. They can also be controlled electronically by the user and without an attendant. Medical variable beds are particularly useful for incapable, elderly and invalid buyers, regardless of whether the handicap is permanent or temporary. Their very own very lightweight control can transform the head, foot motors, as well as the massaging unit, all concurrently. The main components of a medical adjustable bed are: the vertical lifter, the applications, battery backup, retractable crib sides, optional cot area protectors, base cut-outs, securing castors, reflex multi-zone raised air bed, and therapeutic massage system. Flexible beds come in various mines like the pocket spring raised air bed or the modern foam mattresses. They are also available with the option of screw-in or fixed legs. Fixed-leg beds are more suitable for nursing jobs, allowing positioning the feet of numerous medical apparatus under the bed.